The Mommy Chronicles

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  • Role Reversal

    Often times I will say something that leads my daughter to answer in a way that makes me pause and just think... where does she get this stuff from..wait.. do I say that?

    Today i took the kids to busch Gardens.
    Over lunch i thanked Ariella for being such a good girl, such a good helper with her brother.
    Her reply?
    -Thanks, but you better keep being be a good girl too or we wont go get ice cream after this. okay. sorry? i think. 

    Lately her favorite thing to tell me is what she used to do with me when i was a baby and she was a mommy. Yes she uses past tense. 
    When she was a mommy she used to take me swimming. 
    When she was a mommy she would take me to the splash park and I loved it. 
    When she was a mommy she could have ice cream when she wanted.