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  • #Threenager

    "Mom, are you trying to kill me?!"
    -When something doesn’t go as planned.

    "Mom. Are you serious? //'re kidding...."

    "MOM. I didn't hear any manners."
    -Usually when am giving her instructions.

    "Excuse me, did you wash your hands?"
    -Super aware of germs and hand washing. 

    "I can do it , I'm a big girl YOU KNOW."
    -Never help her into her car seat. or into a chair. into the car.. put her pants on.. or her shoes... just don’t help. You will get the wrath.


    More sass than I know what to do with, more emotion and independence spouting out every single day.
    Some moms might complain about the independence.  Some people like to poke fun, My favorite line is:  "She’s just like you! You’re in for it, You're getting it all back!" 

    I laugh it off, because I totally am.  And while to some that’s intimidating or annoying, to me, it gives me peace.
    A confident, independent, yet super compassionate girl with a heart full of love to give, that will firmly tell you where you stand, and how she would like you stand is exactly the girl I want to put into this world.
    She will call you out, and then make you a mean chocolate cake. 
    Go ahead and try to tell her no, I dare you. While you’re at it, go ahead and try to be a hypocrite and tell her to do something while you do something else. It doesn’t fly. 

    My girl. Stay strong baby, Momma is so proud of the girl you are. 
    The princess of sass with the sweetest of souls
    The #Threenager.