The Mommy Chronicles

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    Waking up an hour or so before the monkeys is the only way to get a shower and get a handle on my life. 
    Lately, my showers seem to be pretty similar to those horror stories where the girl gets in the shower and closes her eyes and a monster is right behind the curtain? Screams uncontrollably.. You know?

     Let me explain...

    Up early. PURPOSELY to shower in peace.
    Get in. Close my eyes to wet my hair, open them and


    Ariella's right up against the glass.

    "Hey Mom! What doin? 
    "Mom! Wheres the candy?"
    "Mom! Get out of there."

    And my personal favorite..
    "Stay right there mom, dont move, I'll go wakeup Jaxon."

    3 out of 5 times just as I open my eyes shes right there.
    Up againt the glass OR  standing in creepy silence.
    I cant decide which makes me jump higher. 

    NOT ONCE have I watched her enter the room or heard the bathroom door open, heard a footstep. NOTHING.
    This girl walks on clouds through wallls at 6 am when she enters my bathroom.