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  • DUCK!

    So its raining..hold on, let's be real, it was POURING.
    To set the scene:
    I'm by myself running to get the kids in the car.
    I open up the trunk for shelter and am standing under it so i can unload everyone and everything out of the stroller without getting completely drenched.

    As Ariellas climbing from the trunk over to her carseat i notice
    She took her shoes off while in the stroller. I'm standing there with her shoes in hand waiting to toss them down the middle of the car but shes standing directly in the middle aisle in my line of fire.
    So i say Ariella " Duck!"
    She's just staring at me, So I move on to the rest of the bags that needed unloading from the stroller, got  Jax in the car , and I make my way back (at this point sopping wet) to the trunk to fold up the stroller. I'm back to the dang shoes. (She's still standing in the way) I say a little more aggressively          "Ariella, DUCK!"

    THIS TIME..She opens her eyes real wide and looks dead at me pointing her finger and says MOM, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, THERE ARE NO STINKIN DUCKS!! GET IN THE CAR. ITS RAINING  -_-


    You are correct my dear, There are no stinkin ducks. No time to explain that one. Too busy laughing. My fault.