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  • Don't Mess with my Coffee.

    I'm a pretty busy mom.
    I dont sleep well, thats part of the deal you know? Fine. Thats cool. Thats what coffee is for. 
    I do try to limit my coffee, not nearly as much of a coffee drinker as i have been in the past, so lately when  I do splurge its a treat! 
    On this particular day it was a NECESSARY TREAT.
    So i made my way to starbucks, ordered a tall Hazlenut frappuccino...Nothing crazy. No extra this, no weird milks, absolutely no confusing special instructions.. just a small hazlenut frap. EASY RIGHT?

    Well I pay and stand over at the pickup counter and this guy hands me a SNOW WHITE beverage. Dude put milk in a blender and handed it to me.
    EXTREMELY Confused i looked up at him and said... " uhm.. the coffee??"
    Completely unphased, non-joking blank stare...his reply was "Oh you wanted coffee in that?" 

    YES darling. YESSSSSS. I wanted coffee in my coffee. 
    Hard to believe, but no sir, I didnt come here for the outstanding milk and ice.