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  • Tricky Tricksters

    Well I knew I had trouble on my hands with Miss Ariella Skye...
    She just LOOOOOOVES to play jokes on me, Scare me, Hide from me, you name it. 
    She gets it from my husband, the ultimate Scare Master Himself. Constantly hiding and making me pee my pants in fear. 

    BUT NOWWWW, guess who jumped on the "Mess with mommy" bandwagon. 

    Shocker.. The 8 month old. 

    I layed Jax up in his crib for a nap, I peeked through the door crack to check on him a little while later and I could see he was standing up getting ready to just chuck his paci across the room and then cry for me to get it... (yet another joyous trick)
    But as I pushed open the door to lay him back down, He looked at me, and instantly dropped flat to the mattress layed down and shut his eyes tight... PRETENDING TO SLEEP with a big ol' sly grin on his face . ... youre supposed to be my innocent little baby??
    Lol that was short lived.

    Another little prankster is blossoming. If you read my stuff and laugh at Ariellas shenanigans, I have a feeling baby Jax is about to consume a lot more posts very soon. 

    Pray for my sanity, and maybe my bladder.