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  • Swoop.

    Meet Swoop.

    Swoop is the Eagles mascot if you're not familiar. Ariella has taken a liking to him recently. 
    But one conversation with swoop left me speechless so I just have to share it. 

    Heading to the doctor with both kiddos. Hands absolutely full!
    Holding jax, holding bags, holding purse, holding ariellas shoes, jax pulling my hair, a straightup LATE mess . 
    So I'm trying to get out the door and Ariella's a couple steps behind me holding up swoop.
    "MOM,  Swoop come wiff us?!!" 
    I dont particuarly care if the stuffed animal comes with us or not as long as I dont have to hold him at this point because I just dont have enough hands for that nonsense. I agreed. 
    "Sure ariella, grab him lets go."

    As im stepeping out the door I hear Ariella behind me, 
    "Okay swoop...You comin wiff us, You dont have to be so mad at me anymore.."

    So I buckle Jax in, get myself in the car and as im backing out im just overwhelmed with curiousity.
    I ask "Ariella why is swoop mad at you?"
    She looked at me like i was dumb as rocks and held him up and said
    "MOM.. look at his eyes! Hes so mad!!"

    I almost cried with laughter. His game face makes her think he's pissed! 
    Alll THE TIME.
    Shes constantly telling him to chill out. It kills me!

    This girl. I just love her!