• Confuse the Enemy

    There’s a cute little saying people like to use when things don’t go as they anticipated.

                                                    "Everything happens for a reason"

    Sometimes we can attempt to see the light in the situation and realize maybe that one just wasn't for us. It wasn't meant to be. 

    And then there are times when we reallllly just cant plainly see why God would allow something to happen in our lives. Suddenly that cute saying up top doesn’t quite do it for us anymore. We question the heck out of the situation, why me? why now? How could you let this happen, God? and "Everything happens for a reason" just doesn’t feel like enough.

    So, Last week I had a sick baby. It's the worst!  

    When their toothless smiles are stripped away by red fever filled cheeks it tears a mother to pieces. I wished I could take it away, but it was just beyond my control. When a sick baby gets to the point of a 2am hospital run, your mind can get clouded with anxiety. You just want answers. 

    That clouded, overwhelmed, point of life is easy to get to even if you don’t have a sick baby. We all want answers, we all want to get to the end of this chapter and hope that we can see why things happen the way they do. And I've said before I believe its true that Gods plan is what will ultimately be. BUT I also believe that God allows certain things to take place in order to bring us closer to him, in ways big and small. 

    For me, this came into play as I was driving to the hospital with my inconsolable baby. My brain immediately turned to " God take his pain away, God make him better, God give me some answers" As I was driving to the hospital.

    But as I pulled into the parking space it was almost like something clicked for me.

    God didn’t make my child sick. God himself didn’t do this. I don’t need to be crying out to God as if He’s not seeing this! He's totally seeing this!  God may have ALLOWED this to happen, but for what?

    …Because God must really trust me. 

    He must really trust that my faith is bigger than this dark spot.
    I know He’s watching this. This isn’t for nothing.

    It made me think about the story of Job. Long story short:

    God straight up allowed the devil to stir up Job's life. Why the heck would he do that if he loves us so much? Because God KNEW that Job was faithful and that whatever nonsense the devil cooked up couldn't shake him. Now those are really high expectations put on one man...FROM GOD. It's an intense story, and the bottom line for me is this, God allowed the devil to go in on Job because HE had faith in Job. Through the absolute darkest of times the devil could build up, Job did remain faithful to God. No matter what terrible situations the devil cooked up he PRAISED God. And he was Blessed for that in the end. 


    I don’t know about you, but a situation where God REJOICES IN YOU and is proved right in his expectations of you or your faithfulness while the devil FAILS to stir you up is a success in my book. 

    That’s what I felt sitting there. My cries for help turned into the realization that
     "God must really trust me."
    He must have faith enough in me to allow this into my life. He must know that I believe He's seeing this and knows my stress level. God is watching me, the devil is watching me… so what am I going to do here. I'm going to flip the script and give thanks for how healthy my child has been up until this point, or how smooth my life has been up until now or how healthy my family as a whole has been up until now. There is so much more good than this one dark situation that’s clouding my judgment of life right now. The darkness is always temporary. 

    Maybe you don’t know what its like to have a sick baby.
    But I know you’ve been in a situation where you were tested this way.
    As I’m typing this I can think of a hundred more times I've felt that way myself and blamed God for what was happening. Over time I’ve handled them differently.
    Maybe you have handled them differently up until this point, but the good news and bad news is
    There is never a shortage of speed bumps in life. There will be more opportunities, haha.
    I encourage you to lookup the story of Job.

    My hope is that you can see past the situation next time and flip the script on your usual cries for answers and realize that you have a choice to make. There is so much more to an uncomfortable situation than the specific answer you want or what you think God is doing. 


    Now acquaint yourselves with Him, and be at peace; Thereby  good will come to you.

    Receive please instruction from His mouth, and lay up His words in your heart.

    If you return to the Almighty you will be built up; you will remove iniquity from your tents.

                                                                                                 Job 22:21-23


    P.s. The baby is so much better. He recovered quickly after that mess. He's back to jumping off of things and not caring that he could break himself in half. ;) Too brave for my taste, but then again maybe he’s just got a lotta faith too.